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Egg boxes
The Food bank has used up all the empty egg boxes after a donation of eggs from a local farmer. We will start to set up a new store ready for next time that happens so please save your egg cartons and drop them in to the Food bank on Tuesday or Friday mornings.

Surplus food
On Friday morning 22nd January (if the weather allows) we will put a table of food outside the Food Bank at the Youth Centre, Manstone Lane, Sidmouth that we need gone to help our storage space. These are foods that are either just past their date but still ok, or that we don’t give out in the food parcels. There are sauces like pesto, some cooking food items like cornflour and caster sugar and some more exotic things! There are also sanitary towels as we have lots!
If you would like to make a donation towards any items you take you are welcome to do so.