Information for Referrers

Approved partner agencies can refer clients to the Food Bank by email. If you are already an established referrer for Sid Valley Food Bank, you will have received the new 2021 referral form with revised criteria. If you have not, please email us.

If you work for an agency that has not referred clients to us before, but would like to do so, please contact us by email  or telephone to discuss this.

Referrals should normally meet the following new referral criteria

  • The client is unable to afford to buy enough food to live on and does not have enough food in the house.
  • The food crisis is an emergency (usually caused by a change of circumstances. e.g., job loss, debt crisis, sudden change of family situation, cut in benefits received, etc)
  • The client has received less than the 12 weeks support allowed from the Food Bank within the last six months.

Additional notes for criterion 3

This criterion is to try to actively encourage independence from rather than dependence upon the Food Bank. We provide signposting and support sessions in order to help clients work towards this.

-The retrospective six-month period will only begin to apply from September 1st 2021, covering the period between March to September 2021.

-Previous clients will have been reminded of their usage, but if in doubt, you can make a conditional referral and we will let you know.

– If a client has already received 12 weeks of food but a new crisis has occurred, such as loss of job, benefits, etc, you may use your discretion to refer again, but please explain in the voucher form.

– If the client’s situation does not appear to meet this criterion but you are concerned for their wellbeing or that of their family, again tell us why and an exception can be made in this case. We do not want to see people who are genuinely in food crisis without access to food.

Please complete and email us the new voucher form when requesting support on behalf of a client. It reminds referrers of the Food Bank criteria, and we ask you to ensure you use these to help make a decision about referring. 

Thank you for your continuing cooperation in helping us to help those in need. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about referring to the Food Bank.