Getting help with food

The Sid Valley Food Bank covers Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and adjacent villages. Other Food Banks are available outside of this area.  We operate from the Sidmouth Youth Centre, Manstone Lane, Sidmouth, EX10 9TS. See Contact Us for a map.

We help a wide range of people in different situations. We understand how hard it can be to ask for help but if you are struggling to afford food, please do not hesitate. You will be treated with respect and you will find our volunteers are caring and helpful.   Here are some examples a client may experience that brings them to us for food help (although they don’t cover all possibilities.)

  • lost job and waiting for benefits to start
  • change in a relationship or family situation has caused financial struggles
  • lost or reduced benefits and needs temporary help
  • low income is causing financial problems
  • a large bill has come unexpectedly, so money is tighter than usual
  • homeless

If you need food support you can call any of the agencies below. It’s usually a very quick and simple process. These are the people who are able to refer you to the Food Bank. They will talk to you in confidence to find out a bit about your situation and to assess your needs. Referrers will then contact us by telephone or email to give us your contact details. We will then call you directly to arrange for you to collect your food. We can also deliver food in certain circumstances. If you have no food at all and can’t wait a few days, please let us know.