Easy Recipes, Hints and Tips for managing on a budget

Bean & Veggie Crumble
Here’s a recipe to make with your food bank supplies when it’s cheese week – perfect for a chilly day. Go to recipe.
Discussing riceHave you been cooking rice wrong your entire life?
Is there a bag of rice at the back of your kitchen cupboard? Rice is a cheap, filling way to make other ingredients go further – once you know how to cook it. Why not try this cooking method and see if you can get it just right! Go to recipe.
Pasta Bake imagePasta Bake
Pasta mountain in the store cupboard? Maybe it’s time for a pasta bake. This great little video from Brighton Food Bank shows you how to make white sauce from scratch. This is a really useful skill to learn! Go to recipe.
Vegetable egg fried rice imageEgg Fried Rice
Our food parcels include eggs every other week. Learn to cook egg fried rice with this great little video from Brighton Food Bank. Go to recipe.
Nachos and Burritos
Check out these loaded nachos and burritos with easy homemade wraps! Made using left over bolognese turned into spiced beef beans…really easy, really delicious, really cheap. WARNING: you may want to make these wraps everyday, they are so good! Go to recipe.
Burrito serving
Cooking nachos