Newspaper logoNews – 15/07/21
Numbers have gone up in the last few weeks. We are still well-stocked to cope, but see our Donate Food page for our current shortages. We are now working closely with other local food charities to manage excess stock. This means we are able to get foods we are short of or would normally buy from other groups and in return we give them what we don’t need. We have been given fresh veg, eggs and flour in recent weeks. Two weeks ago we had a big stock check with many of our volunteers involved.  We donated some out of date stock and some food we had in excess to another local food provider and reorganised our stock to ensure we used up the nearest dates first.  On Monday we will collect some excess fresh food from another local food bank. 

For our current shortages please see the Shopping List page.

Coronavirus from 19th July

  • Social distancing will continue, and those collecting food will be given appointment times, to avoid the risk of crowding.
  • Food will still be delivered to homes for those unable to travel.
  • Our volunteers will continue to wear masks while packing

The Foodbank will always help individuals and families, who are struggling financially, to meet the demands of daily living. We have our own community support team. Also, The Childrens Centre, East Devon District Council, Sid Valley Help, Gateway and many more agencies are available. No-one should be without the help needed to get through this present crisis, however young or old. Our More Help page has contact details for all these organisations.

Food wanted
We usually need regular dry stock essentials. Our Shopping List page shows the main goods we give to our clients, and includes a list of particular shortages. Our Donate Cash page shows ways you can give money if you prefer. As always, we thank you for your help, in whatever form it takes.

Our Facebook page

Our Facebook page
There is more information about the Food Bank, including pictures and video. You can see the page without the need to log in, but log in is necessary to leave comments, etc. and to use Messenger.