Newspaper logoNews – 19/09/21

Important Changes from September 21st!
• Collection day will be Tuesdays.
• If you have a referral, no appointment needed – come any time between 10.30 and 11.30
• Come to the Food Bank as usual, but you will be asked to wait in the Youth Centre if it’s not quite ready. If you have a mobile we can text you, if not we will come and find you to let you know.
• While waiting you can enjoy a free cuppa at the community drop-in and don’t have to collect your food until you are ready. (The Food Bank closes at 12.00.)

• Food is delivered from 11.30 on Fridays. Clients must be at home to receive the food or have given us instructions on where to leave it. If you don’t, we will leave the food at your door, but cannot replace any that goes missing.
• Deliveries will only be for clients who live further away from the Food Bank (one mile or more) There may be some exceptions including people who are disabled or unable to leave the house for medical reasons.

Please also remember
• You are able to receive food for 12 weeks within 6 months. After this your referrer will be asked to review your financial situation with you.
• Please return carrier bags so that we can reuse them.

The Foodbank will always help individuals and families, who are struggling financially, to meet the demands of daily living. We have our own community support team. Also, The Childrens Centre, East Devon District Council, Sid Valley Help, Gateway and many more agencies are available. No-one should be without the help needed to get through a crisis, however young or old. Our More Help page has contact details for all these organisations.

Food wanted
We usually need regular dry stock essentials. Our Shopping List page shows the main goods we give to our clients, and includes a list of particular shortages. Our Donate Cash page shows ways you can give money if you prefer. As always, we thank you for your help, in whatever form it takes.

Our Facebook page

Our Facebook page
There is more information about the Food Bank, including pictures and video. You can see the page without the need to log in, but log-in is necessary to leave comments, etc. and to use Messenger.