News – 24/11/20

 Pobby and Blue, a local fashion shop, donated beautiful gifts for a raffle and the lucky winners left some lovely messages of appreciation!

Next week we give out Advent Calendars to all the children. Thanks especially to Tom and Jo for donating most of these.

Thanks to our cash donors, we have been able to give out extra fresh food recently including cheese and eggs fortnightly, and more fruit and veg.

We are getting generous donations from the Sidmouth Hotels/Dukes group and the Salvation Army which are filling a lot of our gaps. We just need oodles of noodles! ( the savoury instant kind). These are useful if you are living rough and cooking facilities are limited, and also make quick easy lunch snacks.

Christmas biscuits
Click image for poster

Christmas Hamper Appeal
We are pleased to announce the launch of our Christmas 2020 Hamper Appeal. As in previous years, the hampers will be distributed to local families in need. It is particularly important this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, that we do our best for this group. The appeal is spread over four weeks. Week 1 is Christmas Savouries week, Week 2 Christmas Sweet week, Week 3 Christmas essentials week and Week 4 is for normal donations as we will be giving out double the quantity to cover the week after Christmas. Our poster shows what items we hope to receive, and where they can be donated. We always remember that without your support the Food Bank cannot operate and we thank you for your generosity now and during 2020.

Christmas Hours
We will be closing at the end of business on 24th December and reopening on 4th January. Additional food will be supplied to existing clients before closure to see them through the Christmas week. For emergency help, please contact one of the agencies listed on our Get Food Help page.

Safety and well-being are our primary concern, and our current restrictions are listed below. These may change at very short notice due to the new lockdown measures announced on 31st October 2020.

  • Social distancing will continue, and those collecting food will be given appointment times, to avoid the risk of crowding.
  • Food will still be delivered to homes for those unable to travel.
  • Supporting vulnerable housebound clients via telephone/online communication continues.
  • Our donation requests for essential items only continues.
  • Stopped fuel assistance. Our financial resources will be used for food purchases.

The Foodbank will always help individuals and families, who are struggling financially, to meet the demands of daily living. We have our own community support team. Also, The Childrens Centre, East Devon District Council, Sid Valley Help, Gateway and many more agencies are available. No-one should be without the help needed to get through this present crisis, however young or old. Our More Help page has contact details for all these organisations.

Food wanted
We always need regular dry stock essentials. Our Shopping List page shows the main goods we give to our clients, and includes a list of particular shortages. Our Donate Cash page shows ways you can give money if you prefer. As always, we thank you for your help, in whatever form it takes.

If you are interested in volunteering, check out our Volunteers page.


Our Facebook page

Our Facebook page
There is more information about the Food Bank, including pictures and video. You can see the page without the need to log in, but log in is necessary to leave comments, etc. and to use Messenger.